Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I was just going through today's set of papers (not something I do regularly) and this particular story in today's Hindustan Times called for my immediate attention (so much for cliched opening lines). Apparently the Christians have been highly offended by Slayer's latest album Christ Illusion's album art.
Yes, I know, there has been enough spoken of freedom of expression but that is not what I particularly want to point out here.
I have to agree that an amputed Christ with a patch eye really does not make for very good viewing amongst the believers.
Apparently, the artwork called for some severe criticism in the US and had to be redone for the record to be on the shelves but somehow the album with the original artwork was being sold in India.
Without any offence to religion and being very religious myself and secularly so, I think the album art is cool and so is the name of the album.
I do not for once understand this whole "religious sentiments being hurt" business. Are sentiments really that fragile? I see such trivial excuses as mere levers that can be pushed the deepest and pulled the hardest.
There have also been protests over the "Skeleton Christ" track in the album. I've heard the song. I've read the lyrics. I've liked the song. Is it blasphemic? Maybe but so brittle is your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that one line "I'll take the devil anyday. Hail Satan" seems to threaten your unshakeable faith. So much so, the track "Jihad" has managed to raise eyebrows on the grounds that it shall hurt Islam sentiments. Indeed, now get the other players into this as well.
God help me, I'm not an atheist. I believe and love God with all I have and that's why these petty happenings first make me laugh and then want to puke all over. Slayer's last album "God Hates Us All" was a killer. And I myself wear a shirt with the album print. It shows a nailed Bible in a pool of blood. My faith still remains.
I love God enough to not be threatened by the Devil.
Please get some perspective. Voice against what really needs attention. Protest against your short-sighted perspectives. Protest against your fear of change. Protest against your mundane lives.

All things bright and Biprorshee

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