Monday, February 05, 2007

Idle thoughts of Idle Fellows (due respect to Jerome!)

Google Talk Transcript
Date: Feb 6, 2007
Time: a rather bored one evidently!
Animal Resources Involved: Rishi = Rishiraj Verma (copywriter at some obscure ad agency); me = Biprorshee Das (obscure mutual fund correspondent at NewsWire18)

12:32 PM Rishi: how do u say thx a lot!?

12:33 PM me: very simply...t-h-a-n-k-s..pause for a millisecond...-a-...pause for another millisecond...then l-o-t!!! got it?

Rishi: shit
wasnt for u
trying to learn tamil

me: nevermind
i hope you learnt now how to say "thanks a lot"
we all should know how to be grateful rishi

12:35 PM Rishi: hmm yes sir i agree

me: it's a splendid feeling
we're God's little creation in his own image
we should never forget that

Rishi: i understand

me: we must always be thankful

Rishi: of course

me: and say "thanks a lot"!!!

Rishi: we should! thanks a lot you too biprorshee

me: you're a good boy rishiraj i shall always be grateful to God for making you

12:36 PM me: and i shall say "thanks a lot"

Rishi: i shall be grateful to my parents for making me i shall too

me: good boy!

This is what Biprorshee does when he has two huge stories pending for the desk! Maybe he should thank his good friend Mayura Mantri, take her suggestion and quit journalism to devote his grateful life researching "Innovative ways to avoid getting fired!" He is a grateful boy, this Biprorshee!

All things bright and Biprorshee

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Shivangi said...

If I say..u guys r mad; that would be an understatement!! Vellaness is thy name..but I appreciate the "humble and all thanking" hearts you both have!! Way to go! I must say "Thanks a lot" Bipro and Rishi for keeping up to your reputation of talking C-R-A-P!!