Monday, December 15, 2008

"Wah wah Ramji, Jodi kya banaayi!!!"

Things haven't really been crack-a-lacka recently. I don't even have to make an effort to keep my depressed look out of office. It just stays! :P
And I'm in no mood to discuss my pain! (Dear Lord! What drama!!!)
It was one of the many bad days at work with everything going for me. Finished the scheduled work by afternoon and then cracked a presentation in the board room; one I wasn't prepared and was in no mood to do either. But the frown remained.
I guess the day would have had to end in the usual way. At Barista with me whispering, "One Cappuccino. Make that very light...VERY LIGHT and hand over extra sugar sachets". I call a friend and we end up taking those extra steps beyond the coffee shop to my next favourite place in South Mumbai--STERLING Cineplex. A movie for every bad day could work more wonders than those apples they said I should have everyday. And as in my case, a Hindi movie it has got to be. I'm unashamedly Bollywood!
I did try the latest Keanu Reeves-Jennifer Connelly flick last Friday at the same place. I think I love aliens more when they come in their gooey Martian avatar. Hunky aliens, giant robots, "spaced out" plot, disaster on your menu!
Back to my lousy Monday evening as I grinned foolishly at Priya who eventually agreed to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi for the second time.
I missed the beginning once again. It is a regular routine now. I miss singing the national anthem. It's all good when Priya is ready to ignore angry stares and narrate out loud what Surinder Sahni has been up to while I was smoking outside.
So should I risk confessing that I'm an obsessed popular culture freak and say that almost inane movie I saw yesterday was fun? Oh hell! I loved Om Shanti Om as well. Why do I even care?
Yes, I really enjoyed (do note, I herein avoid using the verb "loved") yet another mushfest from the Yash Raj camp.
I hear they say that the story is dated, even corny. I'd beg to differ. I saw a certain novelty. I'm sure we all know of the male lead trying to woo the female lead who is in love with the oh-so-boring actor bound to win the next best supporting actor award. RNBDJ tells me a story where the male lead is trying to steal his love from his own self. Ahhh! The strange case of Surinder Sahni and the inevitable Raj Kapoor!!!
A loveless marriage and a distracted wife, we've seen that before. What we probably have not seen is the object of "infidelity" being the husband himself. It works for me. It works when emotions are harped on(sure the Chopras overdo it...nevertheless...) and "sex" is kept on the backburner.
Yes, there are silly moments. For the love of God, I can't understand the utterly silly song which just refused to end while merrily danced the favourite damsels of the Chopra gang.
I can't understand how shaving off a moustache, generously gelled hair and loud clothes can make a man completely unrecognisable to his wife.
I can't understand why would Shiamak Davar and his troupe decide to teach the Amritsar simpletons to shake a leg in a grand haveli.
I can't understand how every "massive heart attack" has to result in death but exactly after the unfortunate being has had enough time to spend with his kin instructing them just exactly what to do so that his soul rests in peace. If only death was that convenient!
But let's keep them aside, can't we? For once, let's accept the fact that though realism is appreciated, every "Ram Gopal Varma" makes a mistake and Ram Gopal Varma repeats them. Movies are made to entertain, right? So let's be entertained.
RNBDJ scores with the performances. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan hams as Raj but just as Taani falls in love with that very silliness, you just might too. And tell me if you don't somewhere feel for Suri as he says, "Punjab Power, lighting up your life ji, Surinder Sahni here." It could be one of Khan's most sincere performances.
Vinay Pathak is an outright winner as the delightful, bumbling, overtly emotional Bobby Khosla. We need more best friends like that.
Debutant Anoushka Sharma isn't bad as Taani either. If only her jumps from a hapless wife to twinkle-toes Taani-Partner were a bit more convincing. But I could only sum it up the way I softly murmured to Priya, "She's cute!"
The music best said is just ok though there are a couple that you could loop on your IPods, hum along and feel good. I did that. :P I just hope Salim-Sulaiman never try another "Hum hai rahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte". Please, DON'T!
Aditya Chopra sure has come a long way from DDLJ and I don't at all mean it in the positive sense. If that plays on one's mind, the movie will sure be a dissappointment.
But one would do best leaving inhibitions aside and head for some emotional tickling. It sure could seem to be a tad too long for the same but "Ye love story Rab likh raha (tha)". Why blame poor Chopra?
I liked RNBDJ. I probably might see it again. It sure brought a "smiley" end to a "dreary" day and it sure kicks serious alien ass and we're better off than the day the earth stood still! Haanji!!! :P

P.S.: The end credits are pure ownage!!!

All things bright and Biprorshee

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