Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Yesterday Song

Sing me a song, will you?
About yesterday.
About yesterday of colours
and laughter.

Sing me a song and remind me
of me.
Of me that was,
and alive.

Tell me all because I don't forget.
I don't want to.
Tell me and sing me sweet
for it is all that will be
cherished and hated.

Tell me all about the joy
when I impregnated life.
When I fathered my first born,
cradled her and then
flung her to her death.
Leave that memory out!

In words, I live.
Only in words hence, I beg
for you to sing to me.

Sing to me again
in pure velvet.
Sing to me again.

Talk to me again.
Violate and trespass.
Talk to me again.

All Biprorshee remembered

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